Geographically, Regency D.T. located II Cianjur 106o42′-107o25′ Longitude East and 6o21′-7o32′ Paralel South. Regency of this Cianjur in side of North about Regency of Bogor and Regency Purwakarta, in eastside with Regency of Garut and Bandung and in side the South arch limited by the Indonesian Ocean. Travelled distance from Jakarta to Cianjur about 120 km, and can be gone through by goodness of common/ public transportation and also personal transportation. In the case of food of famous Cianjur by tauconya ( made food from soybean), pepes of goldfish and also candy and fruits and vegetable. Great through the street this area a lot of restaurant by sajian various type of Chinese cookery, Sea-Food, Europe And Area.


Great Garden of Cibodas
Located in Countryside Cimacan, the distance from Bandung of about 85 km, is from Cianjur of about 23 km  have. Location to around mountainside of Gede at height 1.500 m.The air is cold with temperature of mean 21o C and wide entirely 83 hectare. Great garden of this cibodas is develop;builded at 1862 and represent the part of great garden of Bogor. Here there are assorted of plant from various state in all the world. In place this there are also the area park which wide enough, market of food and place sell decorative crop.


Great Garden of Bogor for the width of 111 Ha founded in the year 1817 with collection of crop about 20.000 type represent famous great garden in world. In areal of this Great Garden there are Palace of Bogor which have the unique architecture. Besides Great Garden of Bogor with specification is palace, in region of Bogor there are a lot of place of tourism other;dissimilar that is inscription Batutulis, Lido Lake, Safari Park And Lake of Colour in area Culminate, hot water of Ciseeng Or Iushness of Mount Bark. Inclusive of into region of wisata Bogor is Great Garden of Cibodas, Preserve of Mount Gede, Field Mount, Palace of Cipanas which is located in Roadway Cipanas-Cianjur. Nowadays tourism object in region of Bogor increase openedly of Garden of Fruit of Mekarsari-Cileungsi and Flowerbed Nusantara
Town of Bogor recognized also with his pickle, radish and also [crafting/ diligence] from horn of while famous Cianjur industrially is candy

Municipality of Bogor which is known as ” Rain Town”, broadness cover 21,56 km2 and located 60 km from town Jakarta. Municipality of Bogor encircled by Mount bark, Pangrango And gede, and lay in [by] 106o48′ Longitude East and 60o39′ Paralel South, with height of his minimum 190 m and maximum 330 m is above sea level
dampness of Air more or less 40% with temperature of mean 26o C and rainfall of average 3.500 mm till 4.000 mm per/years. Municipality of Bogor can be gone through from Jakarta through free road;street of resistance of Jagorawi during 30 minute, or with Cart of Electrics of Jabotabek leaving each;every 6 good minute from Jakarta and also Bogor. While from Bandung, town of reachable Bogor by car during more or less 3 clock
Existing artistry that is marionette, gamelan.


Coast Karanghawu Queen Port and with myth Nyi Roro Kidul located in Sukabumi south, 65 Km. from Town Sukabumi In region Cibadak-Sukabumi now have been developed by tourism activity irrigate arung rapids Citarik. Others,tourism object draw other is the continuation of turtle in Coast of Tip of Tile, recreation Selabintana and Situ Mount garden in area Cisaat-Sukabumi. Result of [crafting/ diligence] of area Sukabumi for example aji stone.

Regency aparting 105 km from Jakarta and 95 km from town Bandung, located in hillside Gede at height 60 metre of,is above sea level. Town which have the cold atmosphere with air temperature of about this 20-30 degree celcius, can be gone through by car from Jakarta, Bandung and also Bogor. Typical Food becoming pride sukabumi is rempang nutmeg ( nutmeg sweets.

Coastal of Queen Port ( Pelabuhan Ratu )
Coastal of Pelabulan Queen represent bay coast owning the beauty of unique, namely solidarity of [among/between] steep coast, sloping coast, precipitous rock, preserve forest and breaker. In beach environment of all tourist earn spatially enjoy tropical warm feeling as great as witnessing wave rolling in splash a reef.

Coastal Compose Hawu ( Karang Hawu )
Coastal Compose Hawu do not so far from Queen Port coast, about 73 km from town sukabumi. Compose Hawu represent sordid rock bound coast to sea and holey is the some part. Form [his/its] reef look like stove, what is in Sundanese referred as ” Hawu”. Rear few leaves only coastline up on hill by grove.

Cipanas Cisolok
famous Cipanas Cisolok with heat water source which shine into the air in the middle of river current, with smoke containing roof brimstone into the air. This area a lot of visited.


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